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Product Gallery

Our PPE Safety Products Gallery

Sadena Agencies Ltd began its operations in 2007, main activity being supply of Safety and Personal Protective Equipment (head to toe protection). Sadena Agencies Ltd is one of the leading importers and suppliers of quality industrial safety products and personal protective equipment (PPE) in Kenya.

Environmental Spillage Solutions

Environmental Spillage Solutions  Catalogue
The Wheely Bin Spill Kit is designed for easy mobility around the workplace. We have Wheely Bin Environmental Spillage Solutions to cater for Universal , Oil, Vehicle spillage.


Fall Protection Solutions

Fall Protection Solutions Catalogue.
VertiGo Fall arrest products are designed to meet the high demands of industry. Features include high-quality fittings, a highly visible webbing, reflective stitching and easy adjustability which promotes user acceptance.

Fall Arrest Harnesses.jpgFall Arrest Kits-VertiGo 1-pt Harness.jpgFall Arrest Kits-VertiGo 2-pt Harness.jpgFall Arrest Kits.jpgFull Body Suspension Harnesses.jpglanyard dl_Telepass.jpgVertiGo 2-pt Harness.jpgVertiGo 3-pt Harness.jpgVertiGo mph2 Rope Access full body harness.jpg

Hand Protection Solutions

Oil Chemical and Solvent Hand Gloves Catalogue
Gloves made of Leather, Rubber, PVC, Cotton, Nitrile Rubber etc. for protection against out, puncture, chemicals, hydrocarbons, heat, cold, electricity, flame, sparks etc, sleeves.

4.jpgproduct 2.jpgproduct 3.jpgproduct 6.jpg

Head & Face Protection Solutions

Head injuries are a serious risk on many job sites and can affect a worker's health in many ways. This is why there are stringent and exacting standards for head protection equipment.

Head & Face Protection Catalogue


Lock Out Tag Out safety Solutions

At Sadena Agencies we offer OSHA Standards Lock Out Tag Out Safety Solutions. Our industry standard equipment and tags let you safeguard your hazardous materials and ensure there is proper controls.
Log Out Tag Out Safety Catalogue


Promotional Material Solutions

Sadena Agencies will help you promote your company's brand. Our product promotion services include branding products on Banners,Polo's,T-shirts,Shirts,Caps and Hats, Staff Uniform,Umbrellas and much more.
Promotional Caps and Hats Catalogue


Protective Apparel Solutions

Whatever the job requires, it's good business to make sure that your employees have high quality protective clothing. Ideally, work wear should be functional, comfortable and provide necessary safety to employees.
Reflective Protective Apparel Catalogue


Protective Eye Wear Solutions

Many jobs require some level of face protection, and eyewear is the most critical and common protective equipment. Eye protection is important to ensure both the long-term health of your crew and optimal visibility in work sites with dust and debris.
Welding Goggles and Shields Catalogue


Reflective safety Tapes and Walk Ways Solutions

Reflective Safety Tapes and Walkways Catalogues


Respiratoty Protection Solutions

Some employees face situations when air quality can be compromised. Air particles, vapors, gases, dust and insufficient oxygen can all pose respiratory safety risks for your workers.
Singe & Double Cartridge Face Masks Catalogue


Safety Footwear Solutions

All types of Safety and Protective footwear with or without toe caps. Sole resistances include water, slip, oil, solvents, acids, alkali, heat, puncture, and anti-static properties.
Safety Boots & Shoes with Steel cap & Mid sole Catalogue


Staff Uniform

Sadena Agencies will help you promote your company's brand with our custom made Uniform Solution. We can style and supply you with elegant, smart branded corporate staff uniform.
Branded Look Staff Uniform Catalogue


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